‘The Snowman’

Oh my! This book is incredible! The main place that I read ‘The Snowman’ was on the train, which unknowingly made me very suspicious of EVERYONE else on the tube! It was literally chilling! (Pardon the pun…) I can’t believe that this is the first of Jo Nesbo’s novels that I’ve read! Where have I been? Fortunately, I have been assured by the lovely people at CCV that there are more to come!

From the start of the novel, it becomes clear that the title represents something a lot more terrifying than Raymond Briggs would have us believe!

One night in Oslo, a young boy wakes up to find his mother missing. When searching for her, he discovers wet footprints on the stairs…he looks outside and is faced with a snowman, glistening in the darkness…wearing his mother’s scarf.

Troubled but brilliant DI Harry Hole is assigned to the case, along with newly appointed Katrine Bratt. A mysterious but efficient woman who is determined not to take any rubbish from anyone! Soon after finding the first snowman, Harry recieves an anonymous letter from ‘The Snowman’, indicating that the woman’s disappearance wasn’t simply an unloved wife running away but something a lot more sinister!

As the story unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that ‘The Snowman’ has a vendetta against married women with children…but also that he has met his match in Harry Hole. This thrilling, disturbing crime novel keeps you guessing right until the end, leading you towards one opinion before smashing it completely and leaving a trail of doubt in your mind. Nesbo’s writing is fantastically gripping, he describes scenes with such tangible details that stay with you, hauntingly for days!

An absolutely fantastic read! But if you’re a scaredy cat (like I am…) I’d recommend reading it before Christmas, when you are faced with snowman, after snowman, after snowman on your way home…or you may become a hermit!


3 thoughts on “‘The Snowman’

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