‘The Understudy’

Another cracking book from the author of One Day David Nicholls! This hilarious book tells the story of Stephen C McQueen…an understudy to Josh Harper – the 12th Sexiest Man in the World. Not only does Stephen have an unfortunate name but he barely sees his daughter, he has a tiny flat and he pays the bills with small parts in TV programmes and random children’s films…he also plays a dead person quite well apparently…basically, it is fair to say that things aren’t going tremendously for Stephen but they are going brilliantly for Josh Harper…you spend the whole book hoping that Josh will fall down the stairs or something…just so Stephen can catch a break!

This book cleverly tells the story of the underdog…whilst humorously proving that just because you want something to happen, more often than not…you can’t just get it at someone else’s expense. Nicholls has the ability to transform the ‘everyman’ character into the leading man and it is refreshing to read this book as we’ve all had those moments where we’ve misunderstood what someone has said…and then ended up with egg on our faces…we’ve also had those moments where we wonder why we bother pursuing our dreams just to have them shot down.

I’ve literally just been recommended ‘Starter for Ten’, another David Nicholls book…which I’ll be adding to my pile very soon! He seems to have a real knack for creating realistic characters that we can all relate to and I really enjoy reading about them. I urge you to pick up a David Nicholls book and have a read, even if you’re trying to avoid the hype of One Day, you should still give them a chance! You might be surprised!


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