‘Black Out’

Black Out by John Lawton is a fabulous read. It is quite a long book, but there are enough twists and turns along the way that you stay interested all the way until the end! I’ve always really enjoyed reading books about the war, I’m actually writing one as well…but that’s not important right now…anyway I always like reading about the war from different perspectives and I think this may be the first book that I’ve read from the point of view of a policeman. It’s easy to forget that crime still happened because there was so much else going on!

Anywho…it is 1944, our protagonist is Detective Sergeant Troy, and severed arm has been discovered by a group of school children (and a hungry dog…). In true detective story-style, there is much more to the plot than this one murder and slowly the story begins to unravel, sweeping both Troy and the reader along into a deep plot tinged with politics, international relations, lust and secrecy.

My only beef with this book is that it seemed to take me ages to read! I think that if certain sections had been more concise, it would have felt more like a detective thriller than a detective novel…there were lots of bits that had me on the edge but then instead of catapulting me onto the next plot twist, it bumbled along for a while…I just think it could have been a bit shorter. On reflection, maybe my desperation for a thriller-style detective novel isn’t fair to the author…Black Out is a brilliant read, I definitely didn’t guess the ending…I had my suspicions but I was kept guessing until the very end – which as you know, rarely happens!


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