‘The Last Kestrel’

Dear reader…I have committed the ultimate book review blog faux pas…I forgot to review a book that I’d read…and also forgot that I’d read it!

The thing is, I really enjoyed The Last Kestrel by Jill McGivering! It is a brilliant book for fans of A Thousand Splendid Suns and To the end of the land! I feel truly awful for forgetting about it!

Unlike the two books mentioned above, this book shows the conflicts in Afghanistan from two perspectives. The first is the story of Ellen Thomas, an experienced war correspondent, determined to find out who murdered her friend Jalil (a translator) and the second narrative thread belongs to Hasina…a strong-willed Afghan woman who discovers that her only son Aref is part of an underground fighter movement and despite the tragedy and horror around her, is determined to protect him whatever the cost. The two lives interweave “with startling consequences for them both”…

This is a wonderful, although harrowing read and you can tell that McGivering has a lot of experience in journalism and foreign news correspondence, which adds to the quality of the writing style.