‘Unnatural Exposure’

Now, this is the first Patricia Cornwell book that I’ve read – shock horror! On a recent holiday to see my parents in France…I underestimated how many books I would get through and didn’t pack enough…anyway, fortunately my bookworm Mother had a stash of books that I hadn’t read so I began making my way through a few of them, including one that I had cleverly left behind from my last visit (and completely forgotten about)…

Anyway, so I picked up Unnatural Exposure and immediately it seemed to be my kind of book…crime, with a witty female pathologist! Similar to 206 Bones it was from a series of books that include the same protagonist, in this case Kay Scarpetta. So the book begins as Scarpetta is called to examine a woman’s body that was found in a landfill and is horrified to find that it has been dismembered in a way that she has seen before…years ago! While she investigates this, the killer contacts her over the internet and she is sent police photos and along the way, deadoc (the alias used by the killer) sends her more cryptic information…then she discovers that the victim was exposed to a rare small-pox type virus before she died and the tension suddenly grows as it dawns on all of them that they could be exposed to a similar virus and there could be a pandemic! What may be more worrying is that the killer has knowledge of these types of disease and is not afraid of using them to kill whoever they like! I liked this book right up until the end…it just seemed to end really quickly! Suddenly, Scarpetta works out who it is, even though there haven’t really been any clues leading up to this certain person throughout…unless I really missed them!? Anyway, apart from that I enjoyed this book…I just felt that the murderer was caught really quickly but without much understanding of why they did it?!