‘This is How it Ends’

I had been desperate to read This is How it Ends since receiving it at a work thing and I featured it as my Cover Design of the Month for April and I wasn’t disappointed!

It is an absolutely beautiful book, the photo above doesn’t do it justice! Bear in mind that this is a proof AND that it has become a little battered in my bag…but hopefully this gives you an idea of the foil detail!

A stunning book that your bookshelf deserves to be friends with!

Anyway, there’s a lot more to this book than the gorgeous cover…This is How it Ends by Kathleen MacMahon is

“A story of unexpected, live changing love”

What is so refreshing about this love story, in addition to the unexpectedness and the old ‘Stop looking for love, it will find you’ thing…instead of two young protagonists who are unexperienced, awkward and think they know everything about the world…our lovers have lived, loved and lost.

The book opens as Bruno, a New Yorker in his late forties (not ‘nearly fifty’, a distinction that Addie is keen to maintain) is on a flight to Ireland after losing his banking job with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and he decides to try and reconnect with his extended Irish family…much to their initial delight! The relatives whom he is trying to connect with are Addie, an out of work architect/swimming enthusiast who is currently a live-in carer for her father…only because he has broken both arms mind, not because he is unable to care for himself! However, he has also been suspended from his work as a doctor so there is little to keep him occupied during the day…which makes him (and Addie) feel very claustrophobic!

Anyway despite impressive efforts to avoid him, Addie finally meets Bruno and they fall in love. It’s not all plain sailing along the way but the book reminds you that life is for living and that you shouldn’t waste a second of it!



After reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I was keen to jump genres completely and choose something very different…so I read Tina Fey’s autobiography Bossypants.

I love Tina Fey, I think she’s fabulous and funny, or is that fabulously funny? Both I think!

Her autobiography is also fabulous! I was smiling, chuckling and smirking most of the way through! The book whizzes us through various times in her personal and professional life with humorous anecdotes, useful wisdom and enthusiasm to pick yourself and try again if things don’t go your way. The honesty of her writing meant that you can actually hear her reading it out in your head and you can empathise with her on various occasions and relate her experiences to your own.

She writes a lot about being a woman in quite a male-dominated world but without the feminist rants that you get in so many books…which I found really interesting as although so many things have changed and evolved, so many have not…also, it’s not strictly autobiographical in style…it focuses more on a number of topics that Fey has an opinion on (i.e. Photoshop, breastfeeding etc…), with autobiographical moments interwoven.

This book will obviously be of most  interest to people who like Tina Fey and/or the shows that she’s worked on/written…but if you love American television shows and films and appreciate comedy, this is definitely worth a read!