‘The Lovely Bones’

Now, I know I’m a little late…finally reading this book JUST before it comes out in the cinema…but I loved it so much, that I read it in about 6 hours! Immediately, I found myself completely engrossed and although I knew the basic plot from the film trailer and friends blabbing…a part of me wasn’t expecting it to be so immediate.

Written by Alice Seabold, ‘The Lovely Bones’ tells the tragic tale of Susie Salmon, a 14 year old girl who is murdered by a neighbour. It details the struggle of her family to deal with it, but is written from Susie’s perspective in ‘her heaven’. Although the family dynamic changes through the novel, with her mother initially moving away, her sister desperate to be more than ‘the dead girl’s sister’ and her father determined to prove that his instinct about the mysterious Mr Harvey is right; at the end, the family come back together under Susie’s watchful eyes and finally they can all be at peace with her murder.

I found the whole book heart-achingly beautiful in the face of tragedy. It moved me to tears, froze me to the core with fear and ultimately gave me a cathartic feeling of closure and calm at the end, reflecting the emotions of the characters also. I loved every page.