‘Generation A’

Oh my! I haven’t blogged in aaaaaaaaaages! Feels good to be back!

After reading Atwood’s Year of the Flood a few months ago, I found myself craving another dystopia! Whether for fun or to make the real world seem slightly better…I found myself picking up Generation A by Douglas Coupland…I say picking up…the reality is that I burrowed through my pile of books that kind publishing companies had given me over the six months rather than coolly perusing the shelves in Waterstones on a lazy afternoon…



Anyway, it was a good choice! Coupland’s writing just drew me in completely and I found myself forgetting the fact that it was a dystopia and being sucked into the postmodern whirlpool of stories and streams of consciousness quite without realising! I also hadn’t realised, having decided not to research the book before reading (so as not to spoil the plot, not out of laziness…) that Generation A is the sequel to Generation X another novel, similar in narrative and structure it seems…however unlike Generation X where the characters are friends and are discussing their theories on creation…in Generation A, none of the characters have met before though they find themselves drawn together by a freak occurrence only affecting the 6 of them – they get stung by bees! Although this may not sound like a freak occurrence, bees have become extinct in this dystopia…and although those of us who have had the pleasure of being stung by a bee might argue that this sounds great (NB: If you sit on a bee, it shouldn’t sting you. Why? It shouldn’t be there in the first place! Seats are for people!!! Anyway…), like all dystopian novels…there’s a catch. The extinction of the bees scared the human race that they have angered Mother Nature and so they are now backtracking in an attempt to get her back on side…

I know some people aren’t a fan of fragmented narratives and jumpy plot structures but I love them, I love being taken on a journey and not knowing the outcome…of course I still enjoy stories with a clear beginning, middle and end…school drummed that into me! But I also love the unknown…

Ultimately, if you like straight narratives…you might not be a massive fan…but if, like me, you love disjointed post-modern novels, Douglas Coupland’s writing is right up your street! Brilliant!

Oh, and respect the bees.


Eat, Pray, Love

So, after three years of studying English…reading hundreds of books for consumption, I finally went into Waterstones and bought 3 random books that I actually wanted to read! Now, this is not to say that I didn’t want to read or enjoy reading any of the books from the curriculum…but when you know you have to read about 4 different books from completely different genres every week to a deadline, it does tend to take some of the fun out of reading.

Anyway, I spent ages wandering around Waterstones trying to find three random books that interested me and ended up with…

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Lovely Bones by Alice Seabold

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

…and for spending over £10 I got On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan (for about £4…)

At the moment, I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love and already am feeling both thrilled to be reading for pleasure again, and utterly inspired! I’m only a quarter of the way through but find myself completely drawn in!

An introduction to the story, for those who haven’t read it yet…Liz is thirty-something, married and desperately unhappy. After finally making the decision to leave her husband, he makes the divorce extremely bittter and difficult for her, this perhaps being the reason for her fling with David. She soon embarks on a life and faith altering journey and although I haven’t read much further than this…already I’m engrossed. Her strength and courage, along with a variety of interesting characters makes it clear why it’s “The Number One Bestseller that everyone is talking about”.

Anywho, I will do a more detailed review when I’ve finished it! So far, I would definitely recommend it…in fact, I already have done, to my housemate!